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Anytime if someone refers to Padayatra, there will be only one historic Padayatra that comes to everyone’s mind. Yes, you guessed it right, padayatra by our beloved leader Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy. The yatra that brought Congress to Power, the yatra that made YSR undisputed leader of masses, the yatra that people of Andhra Pradesh will never forget. Now, imagine a movie being made on that journey of our beloved leader? Imagine a superstar playing the role of YSR? 


Get ready folks, YATRA, an epic biopic of YSR is getting ready to take you on a journey that you never witnessed. Malayalam Megastar Mammootty is playing the role of YSR and Mahi V Raghav, who recently delivered a hit with Anando Brahma is wielding the megaphone. K, who composed music for Ghazi and Anando Brahma is composing tunes. 70MM Entertainments, who are known for their films like Bhale Manchi Roju and Anando Brahma are bankrolling it. 


Nirvana Cinemas, who distributed the first ever Telugu biopic “Mahanati” and many other blockbusters in Overseas is proud to announce our next project “YATRA”. We thank Dr. Prem Sagar Reddy Garu and Shiva Meka garu (Presenter of the movie) in helping us secure the rights.


Yatra is all set to hit the screens on Dec 21, 2018 with US premieres on Dec 20. We plan to release it on a grand scale and make this the biggest ever release for a telugu biopic. 


కడప ధాటి ప్రతి గడపలోకి వస్తున్నాను..

మీతో కలిసి నడవాలనుంది..మీ గుండె చప్పుడు వినాలనుంది.. 


For Trade Enquiries, Please Contact:


Sandy: 408-780-4655

Srujan: 925-336-4532


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